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DNA dating at Lowlands

Why do opposites attract? According to Karin van der Tuin, researcher at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), it could be because of your DNA. The more you differ from one another, the better. She will be testing her ideas at the Lowlands festival Lowlands, where she will subject visitors to DNA dating.

For her research on love, which is part of Lowlands Science, Van der Tuin will take genetic material from both couples and singles. Couples can have themselves tested to see if they are also a good match genetically. 'We know from earlier research on apes that we find our opposites very attractive. The greatest mix of genes gives the best offspring,' she explains. 'That's why I am curious whether the DNA of couples differs more than that of two random people.  But, Van der Tuin reassures us, if the outcome is not positive, it doesn't mean divorce is the answer!

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