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The garden of Eden is Africa

Amazing discoveries by Jean Jacques Hublin of Early modern Humans in Morocco.

Jean Jacques Hublin

Providing new insights into the evolution of modern humans but also about the time when these people populated Africa: "So far, we thought our species had evolved from a kind of Garden of Eden in eastern Africa. But now it seems that whole Africa is Eden." Read more:

  1. Oldest Homo sapiens fossil claim rewrites our species' history
  2. Homo sapiens leefde al veel eerder dan gedacht

Gerrit Dusseldorp

In Kids news (Jeugdjournal)and ´Nieuwsuur´, Gerrit Dusseldorp gave further insights into importance of the finding at Marrakech: "It's really a very special find, it changes the idea of ​​where our species originated. It is a spectacular find that fills a gap in our knowledge."

Wil Roebroeks

On Radio 1 and at BNR Wil Roebroeks explained the special character of the find: "This discovery shows that the idea that modern humans were born in East Africa 200,000 years ago is far too simple," says Professor of Palaeolithic Archaeology Wil Roeboeks. These new insights does not immediately turn all our insights, but he is certainly excited about the finding. "Only a few fossils have been found in the last few hundred thousand years of evolution of our Homo sapiens."


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