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15th Anniversary of the International Criminal Law Summer School

This week, Leiden University celebrates the fifteenth year of its world-class International Criminal Law Summer School. The International Criminal Law Summer School has convened every year since the creation of the International Criminal Court, guiding scholars and practitioners in this rapidly developing area of law.

Over the next two weeks participants will be immersed in the theory and practice of modern international criminal law, engaging with leading scholars, practitioners, and each other. The course covers all the most recent developments and challenges in the field, with a particular focus on the crime of aggression and gender crimes. In addition to lectures, the participants also compete in a moot court competition and a cross-examination exercise, allowing direct interaction and tutorial training from senior trial lawyers from the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

To celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Course and the Court, special events will be held. The book launch of the highly-anticipated ‘The Crime of Aggression: A Commentary’ includes a panel discussion with the authors. The panel discussion on the African Withdrawals and the Future of the ICC during the second week promises to be a robust debate on this important issue. Dr. Joseph Powderly and Dr. Sergey Vasiliev are the academic coordinators for the programme. Renowned members of the Grotius Centre, including Prof. Helen Duffy, Prof. Niels Blokker, Dr. Robert Heinsch and Prof. William Schabas will deliver lectures on pressing topics such as Genocide, Cyber Warfare, War on Terror and Crime of Aggression. Participants will leave with a full awareness of the current state of the law, and be better prepared for the next fifteen years of international criminal justice.

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