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EBM-student Danique Reidsma presents research at symposium NGSZ

Danique Reidsma, student Economics, Policy and Management (EBM) at Leiden University, recently gave a presentation at a symposium of the Dutch Association of Social Security (NGSZ) in The Hague. She presented her own research around the question of whether eHealth can help to keep health care expenditure under control.

The topic of the symposium was the future of our welfare state. The welfare state is being challenged: our society is ageing, but we have to control health expenditures. Danique’s presentation was about the role of new digital innovations in health care: eHealth. Her main message was that eHealth can definitely have a positive effect on health expenditures, but that a number of problems remain. First, there are judicial problems related to privacy and the delay in regulations. Furthermore, eHealth can fundamentally change health care, which can cause patients and doctors to also experience significant changes to their health care and job.

Divided opinions

Danique explained that she was quite nervous during the presentation, but at the same time curious and looking forward to receiving questions from all the professionals in attendance. In the end, she thought it went well and this resulted in a lively discussion at the end: ‘During my talk, not everyone was in agreement. Some people clearly disagreed with me, whereas others did see sense in what I said. That was actually quite nice to see’.

Relevant for EBM

That afternoon, multiple students from EBM were present at the symposium. The symposium is closely related to EBM courses ‘Social economic Policy’. Dr. Olaf van Vliet was also present, and said that Danique gave a remarkably interesting presentation.

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