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Grant for research on murder and manslaughter in the Netherlands

’25 years of fatal violence’, a collaboration of dr. Marieke Liem and prof.dr.Lenneke Alink about murder and manslaughter in the Netherlands, has received a research grant by the Leiden University Fund.

Scientific research on murder in the Netherlands is hard to find. This is partly because it is hard to research the topic due to a lack of reliable and detailed information around murder cases. Marieke Liem (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs) and Lenneke Alink (Faculty of Social Sciences) will give a scientific interpretation to murder cases of the past 25 years and the (family-background) of the perpetrators. They will do this, together with a research group, by assembling information about all murders, victims, perpetrators and their backgrounds from that period, and link this information to data from the police and legal sources.

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