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Scientists discover how to improve the production of antibiotics and enzymes in soil bacteria

A team of researchers at the Institute of Biology Leiden, in collaboration with scientists from Utrecht University, has discovered a novel approach to improve the production of antibiotics and enzymes in the soil bacteria Streptomycetes.

Growth of Streptomycetes

When Streptomycetes grow, their cells clump together to form so-called pellets. These pellets can be extremely different in size; this has a negative impact on the yield of desired products. The research team discovered how these size differences are generated. This knowledge can now be applied to design Streptomycetes with improved production performances.

Antibiotics and Enzymes

Antibiotics have been used for several decades to treat patients suffering from bacterial and fungal infections. However, many pathogens are becoming resistant to antibiotics. The discovery of novel antibiotics and improved production technologies are therefore essential for the treatment of patients in the future. Enzymes are proteins that have an outstanding number of applications such as in agriculture, the food industry, the production of detergents and textiles and the biofuel sector.

The scientific paper about this discovery is published by Scientific Reports

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