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Regulatory networks in Streptomyces

We aim to unravel the complex and intertwining regulatory systems that control development and antibiotic production in streptomycetes.

Gilles van Wezel

Streptomycetes require a large number of regulatory proteins to control metabolism and growth, as well as morphological, physiological and chemical differentiation. Complex and intertwining regulatory networks, consisting of pathway-specific and global transcriptional regulators, are in place to translate environmental signals into appropriate cellular responses. We aim to unravel the systems that control development and antibiotic production, two closely linked processes, for strain improvement purposes.

One of the most extensively studied regulators in streptomycetes is the pleiotropic global regulator DasR, which represses antibiotic production and development. DasR directly controls these processes, including all antibiotic biosynthetic gene clusters in S. coelicolor, and recent evidence suggests similar control is widespread among actinomycetes. In our lab, we extensively study the regulatory role of DasR and its link to N-acetylglucosamine metabolism, which modulates the activity of this global repressor, as well as other important regulators of development and antibiotic production.

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