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Two Veni grants awarded to Leiden Psychology researchers

Two Leiden researchers of the Institute of Psychology have been given the opportunity to realise their research plans for the coming three years thanks to a Veni grant from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research. Hanneke Hendriks is researcher in the field of Social and organisational psychology and Antoinette van Laarhoven in Health and medical psychology.

Hanneke Hendriks, PhD Social and organisational psychology

Dr. Hanneke Hendriks
Hanneke Hendriks, PhD

Alcohol on Social Network Sites
This project studies how often and why adolescents talk about alcohol on Social Networking Sites (SNS), as well as the effects that these comments about alcohol on SNS have on alcohol consumption, and why and when these effects take place. An intervention plan will subsequently be developed and tested to counter the harmful effects of alcohol-related discourses on SNS.


Antoinette van Laarhoven, PhD Health, Medical and Neuropsychology

Dr. Antoinette van Laarhoven
Antoinette van Laarhoven, PhD

Itch: even harder to ignore than pain?
Itch is hard to ignore and there is no effective treatment for chronic itch. In chronic pain, attentional processes  play a crucial role; for itch, attentional processes have hardly been studied. This research project compares attentional processing of itch and pain, as well the modifiability of these processes, in both healthy people and patients with chronic itch or pain.

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The Veni grant is part of the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme of the NWO. This financing instrument offers researchers in various stages of their career an opportunity to finance new studies. The grant is open to scientists who have completed their PhD studies up to three years ago. The Veni grant consists of a maximum of €250,000, with 14 grants being distributed equally between male and female researchers in Leiden. The specialisms in which the researchers are found are diverse and include anything from art history to astronomy. In total, 161 researchers will receive a Veni grant this year.

14 Veni grants awarded to Leiden researchers

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