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New blog by Mirjam de Bruijn

Mirjam de Bruijn and camerman Sjoerd Sijsma have been travelling through Chad and Cameroon. The Arab spring hasn't arrived there yet, but the effects of internet and mobile telephony show in everyday life. Mirjam and Sjoerd look for counter voices: young people who try to change these countries in their own way: by engaging in music, writing or human rights advocacy.

About the blog

Refused a filming permit to make a documentary about the Fulani nomads in Chad, Mirjam de Bruijn and cameraman Sjoerd Sijsma changed their plan. The Arabic spring did not (yet) arrive in Chad and Cameroon, but the effects of the presence of the (often very poor) internet connections, mobile telephony and mobile internet do show in everyday life experiences and socio-political dynamics. What is this new dynamic and how does it make a difference for people who want to steer social change? Mirjam de Bruijn and Sjoerd Sijsma are looking for counter voices: young people who try to change Chad and Cameroon, all in their own special way; by engaging in politics, in photography, in music, in writing, in human rights advocacy, etc. Their stories show how difficult the struggle for freedom in their countries is.

On this blog, Mirjam de Bruijn writes about their experiences. Every two weeks a new blog entry will be posted.

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