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2012: Grant LAISEANG project Marian Klamer

Marian Klamer's LAISEANG project has been awarded a research grant by CLARIN.

Marian Klamer's LAISEANG project has been awarded a research grant by CLARIN.

The LAISEANG project is a resource curation project that will ensure the preservation of unique records of languages and the cultures encapsulated by them in Insular South East Asia and West New Guinea. The language resources, which have been gathered by twenty linguists at, or in collaboration with Dutch universities over the last 40 years, have been compiled and archived and the resulting archive will constitute an unrivaled collection of multimedia materials and written documents from over 50 languages in the regions mentioned. MPI will serve as the CLARIN centre through The Language Archive (TLA).
The project targets the curation of resources that were not (yet) available to the larger research community. Moreover, the resources concern languages that are on the verge of becoming extinct.

Congratulations Marian!

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