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Early Iron Age princely grave of the Maashorst on display

In August 2010 the Faculty of Archaeology conducted an excavation in the Maashorst-area, situated in the northeastern part of Brabant.

The research was led by Richard Jansen and Prof. Harry Fokkens in cooperation with the Barrow Landscapes-project of Dr David Fontijn. The project was carried out with MA-students Field Archaeology and professional archaeologists from Archol bv.

It was an excavation of the last remnants of an already known Early Iron Age cemetery. Besides the expected urns with cremation remains, an inhumation from the same period was also uncovered. The grave contained an extraordinarily rich set of grave goods. It turned out to be a so-called "princely grave", dating to the Early Iron Age. Uniquely, it was found near the earlier-excavated princely graves of Oss and Zevenbergen. Never before in the Netherlands have three princely graves from the same period been found so close to each other.

The exhibition of the "princely grave of the Maashorst" was opened by the Secretary of State of Culture, Halbe Zijlstra. He also received the first issue of the book written about the history of the Maashorst-area.

See the website for more information about the exhibition.

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