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Research at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies is primarily carried out under its Research Programme ‘Exploring the Frontiers of International Law’.

This research programme intends to map the increasing transformation of the international legal order by exploring the frontiers of international law. Exploring the frontiers of international law will provide valuable information in order to understand this transformation. It allows the identification of common principles and differences, both between the various areas of (public international) law and between the various disciplines which study the (transformation of) the international legal order. As such we may find unity within diversity.

Current research and current events are discussed within the Grotius Dialogues. The Grotius Dialogues are directed by Jens Iverson and Dr. Mamadou Hebie and take place in Leiden and The Hague.

The Grotius Centre occasionally hosts visiting researchers within the framework of formal partnerships, such as the League of European Research Universities (LERU), or within the framework of common research projects. Further, the Grotius Centre offers an external Ph.D. program (Grotius Ph.D. Track), which is particularly tailored towards candidates who seek flexibility within a structured programme. For more information on the Grotius Ph.D. Track, please contact the Programme Director, Prof Dr. Eric De Brabandere.

Finally, The Grotius Centre is responsible for the publication of the Leiden Journal of International Law, which is firmly established as one of Europe’s leading journals in the field. Other journals which are published under the editorial supervision of members of the Grotius Centre include the Criminal Law Forum and the International Organizations Law Review.

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