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Europa Institute

About us

The staff of the Europa Institute possess extensive expertise on European Union law and European Human Rights law generally. Current research focuses on five areas of particular relevance for European integration.

In these areas the Europa Institute aims to play a leading role:

  • The Euro crisis and its consequences
  • The increasing prominence of human rights in the European legal order
  • Migration and EU citizenship
  • Economic Governance in the EU, including social and non-discrimination law
  • The External Dimension of European Integration

These five focal points are unified by our overarching research theme Constitutional Transformation of European Integration. By stimulating individual and collaborative research on these points, the Europa Institute not only responds to contemporary developments, it also connects them to the key questions that face, and will face, EU integration, and contributes to answering them.

The Europa Institute endeavours to use its solid academic basis to disseminate knowledge and ideas regarding the European legal order to students, specialist audiences and the wider public. It aspires to excellence, independence, and a pragmatic engagement with the challenges and opportunities of legal integration in Europe.

For questions relating to the Institute please contact Professor Stefaan Van den Bogaert, Director of the Europa Institute. For administrative questions please contact Europeesrecht@Law.LeidenUniv.nl.

Board of Trustees

  • Mr Felix Ronkes Agerbeek, European Commission
  • Professor Vanessa Mak, Leiden University, Leiden Law School
  • Professor Jannemieke Ouwerkerk, Leiden University, Leiden Law School
  • Mr Kees Schillemans, Allen&Overy
  • Dr Hanna Sevenster, Council of State
  • Mr Martijn Snoep, ACM
  • Professor Olaf van Vliet, Leiden University, Leiden Law School
  • Professor Marc van der Woude, General Court European Union
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