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Information for authors

The Common Market Law Review welcomes contributions from any country. Articles will be subjected to a review procedure by the Editorial Board.

Editorial policy

The editors will consider for publication manuscripts by contributors from any country. Articles will be subjected to a review procedure. The author should ensure that the significance of the contribution will be apparent also to readers outside the specific expertise. Special terms and abbreviations should be clearly defined in the text or notes. Accepted manuscripts will be edited, if necessary, to improve the general effectiveness of communication. If editing should be extensive, with a consequent danger of altering the meaning, the manuscript will be returned to the author for approval before type is set.

Submission of manuscripts

Manuscripts should be submitted, together with a covering letter, to the Managing Editor (CMLRev@law.leidenuniv.nl). At the time the manuscript is submitted, written assurance must be given that the article has not been published, submitted, or accepted elsewhere. The author will be notified of acceptance, rejection or need for revision within three to nine weeks. Authors may be requested to submit a hard copy of the manuscript, in addition to a digital copy, together with a summary of the contents. Articles should preferably be no longer than 28 pages (approx. 10,000 words). Annotations should be no longer than 12 pages (approx. 5,000 words). The title of an article should begin with a word useful in indexing and information retrieval. Short titles are invited for use as running heads. All notes should be numbered in sequential order, as cited in the text, except for the first note, giving the author’s affiliation, which is with an asterisk (*). The author should submit biographical data, including his or her current affiliation. Details concerning submission and the review process can be found in the House Rules of the Common Market Law Review.

Legal notice

Consent to publish in this journal entails the author's irrevocable and exclusive authorisation of the publisher to collect any sums or considerations for copying or reproduction payable by third parties (as mentioned in Article 17, paragraph 2, of the Dutch Copyright act of 1912 and in the Royal Decree of 20 June 1974 (S.351) pursuant to Article 16b of the Dutch Copyright act of 1912) and/or to act in or out of court in connection herewith.

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