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Intellectual Property Law

The IP Law (Intellectual Property Law) department provides education and conducts research in the field of intellectual property law.

Intellectual Propery Law

Intellectual property law (IP law) is the collective term for a number of special types of property law, including tradename, trademarks, design rights, copyright and patent law.

Intellectual property relates to non-material goods. This is the main difference having regard to real property. Real property is the most comprehensive right one can have over a material object. The term ‘intellectual’ refers to the non-material nature of the law. ‘Intellectual’ also refers to the fact that the object of protection concerns a creation by the human mind.

The IP department provides tuition in all stages of legal education, from the first year to advanced masters and post-academic education. The department conducts research and supervises theses in all fields of IP law.

The department consists of prof. dr. D.J.G. Vissermr.drs. M.A. Smit, mr. P. van Schijndel LLM, mr. W.J.H. Leppink and mr. drs. A.J. Trouborst.


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