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Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law


The Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law offers the Dutch master Financial Law and the Advanced Master Law & Finance. Furthermore, they provide a course within the bachelor International Business Law and offer a wide variety of postgraduate education.


The Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law also provides academic education in the bachelor-phase. It is involved in the third-year students’ course Financial Law in the bachelor of International Business Law.

Master Financial Law

Within the general master’s programme of law, Financial Law is one of nine specialisation programmes. The main focus of this specialisation programme is the increasing influence of financial law on commercial legal practice. Six reasons to choose the Financial Law specialization programme:

  1. Specific yet broad: Apart from financial regulatory legislation, other legal areas are covered as well, such as company law, general private law and private international law.
  2. Internationally oriented: We believe Dutch financial law should not be studied separately from European law, nor from the influences of Anglo-American law.
  3. Topical: Financial law is constantly evolving. In this master’s programme we constantly discuss current developments in the field of legislation and high-profile cases.
  4. Connection with practice: Many of the teachers are (or have been) also active as practitioners. Furthermore, students get introduced with practice through visits to, for instance, financial institutions, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and Euronext Amsterdam.
  5. Civiel effect: This master’s programme gives civiel effect, which in the Netherlands means that the graduate becomes eligible for the judiciary, the bar and public prosecution.
  6. Job opportunities: Understanding the functioning of financial markets, combined with legal knowledge, makes our students attractive candidates for positions in the legal profession, at financial institutions and (listed) companies, but also at financial supervisors (such as the Dutch AFM and DNB), the judiciary and the government.

Advanced master

The Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law offers the Advanced Master Law & Finance. The advanced master focusses on the regulation on financial markets and the intersection of the financial economy and law. It also has a special focus on the ethics within the financial world. For more information, see the Advanced Master Law & Finance website.

Postgraduate courses

Het  Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law offers a wide range of postgraduate courses. We organise conferences and symposiums, and we provide – upon request – lectures and tailor-made courses for attorneys, supervisors and corporate lawyers on specific topics of financial law. In addition, we also participate in the regular postgraduate programme (PAO) of Leiden Law  School. 

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