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Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law

The Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law provides academic teaching and performs research in the field of financial law.

We study financial law in a broad sense. As we understand it, financial law encompasses, inter alia, the legal aspects of  financial supervision, functioning of financial markets, finance transactions, market abuse, payment systems, duties of care in the banking sector, corporate governance, bank insolvency and liability in the financial sector. 

Also ethical aspects, which have been a significant part of the discussion following the global financial crisis of 2008,  are included in the teaching and research by the Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law. Another key characteristic of the Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law is our focus on the international dimension of financial law. This focus is vital to keep in pace with the increasingly globalised financial markets. 

Our working field therefore extends to European developments in the area of financial law and to Anglo-American and supranational developments which affect the financial markets.

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