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eLaw - Center for Law and Digital Technologies

Faculty of Law Research

The research within eLaw is mainly (but not exclusively) connected to the Faculty of Law research program Effective Protection of Fundamental Rights in a Pluralist World. The central research question of this program is: What opportunities and threats flow from the existence of institutional and normative diversity in the area of fundamental rights for the effective protection of those rights in a pluralist world?

Other Faculty of Law research programs that eLaw connects to are Coherent Private Law, Criminal Justice, the Progression of EU law and Exploring the frontiers of international law. Also eLaw is closely connected to the research focus area Interaction between Legal Systems (ILS), via projects and participation in the board.

Also, there is close cooperation with the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA, campus The Hague), which focuses on the interdisciplinary research and education in the area of security studies. These cooperating relationships are realised via PhD positions that are both connected to LCDS and eLaw.

Research results are implemented in the education for students, ensuring they are offered the most recently available knowledge and insights (state of the art) in their study materials. This, in turn, ensures a high quality curriculum, at all educational levels (pre-university, bachelor, master, advanced master, PhD and postdoctoral). This applies in particular to the program for the Advanced Master of Law and Digital Technologies, a one-year international education program aimed at both legal professionals and ambitious recent graduates in the area of law and digital technologies, offering in-depth knowledge on law and digital technologies from international and interdisciplinary perspectives.

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