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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


The center has formed four pillars: information platform, innovation labs, legal startup support and legal counsels/general counsels.

Information platform

A part of the center is the information platform in which the latest trends in the field of legal entrepreneurship and legal tech are being watched. The center foresees in the foundation of a network around legal tech. Within this network a think tank is founded with entrepreneurs and scientists from the field. This means we are always up to date regarding to things happening in the legal tech market.   

Innovation labs

One of the goals of the center is to help existing businesses with innovations so they can ensure their position in this world of fast technological developments. We act upon this by the means of innovation labs. Open innovation sessions with experts from the field (startups and existing businesses) and our students will be held. As a team we explore the possibilities, write business cases and find suitable business models for the changing legal services. Together students can do business analyses and also think of improvements for the affiliated businesses. As examples you can think of new revenue models or the use of legal tech differently or more intensive.

Legal startup support

There still lies so much potential in terms of technological developments in the legal sector. As a center we motivate our students to come up with ideas themselves for innovations. We then accompany them in the actual setting up of a business. But also external startups can approach us for advice. We understand better than anyone what the entrepreneurial side of the legal services is all about.

Legal counsels/general counsels

We want to get in touch with legal counsels and question them about what legal innovation actually means to them. They are par excellence the big clients of the law firms. What does such a client want or need from a law firm? Does the client want internet applications or internet based collaborating systems? Is it too early to think of the acknowledgement of information from non-law firms?