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Centre for Legal Entrepreneurship and Innovation

For whom

The Center for Legal Entrepreneurship and Innovation believes it is important that lecturers, students and researchers are informed about the impact of technological developments in the legal industry in terms of the relevance of education, for academic research and the labor market perspective of students. We encourage the exchange of knowledge and information between the academic community and the legal industry through education, research, support and joint activities.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The aim of the center is to stimulate entrepreneurship and develop interests in innovations among law students. That is why we encourage Leiden law students to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude in order to develop into innovative legal professionals. Central to our approach are translating market and technological developments into educational opportunities, the development of entrepreneurial skills and supporting legal startups.

Law firms and Notary offices

Companies in legal services use the input of our staff through thinking power, collaborations and / or internships. With our knowledge and expertise in legal innovation and entrepreneurship, we support organizations in transition, for example through workshops and consultancy.

The business models of law firms and notary offices are under pressure. More and more legal services will be replaced in the future by technology. We offer practical insights and support to link up with the impactful developments in the industry. We do this, among other things, through support for innovations and joint research.


Are you interested in the future of legal services and "legal tech"? Please contact entrepreneurship@law.leidenuniv.nl

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