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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

For whom

The center supports startups and facilitates existing businesses with their innovations. This happens through, among other things, the organization of innovation labs. The center has also set up a legal tech think tank in which entrepreneurs and scientists discuss the current situation and possible future developments.


The mission of the entrepreneurship and innovation center is to support law students from Leiden University in becoming more entrepreneurial and to turn them into innovative legal professionals. That’s why the center also focuses on assisting students in developing the knowledge and skills needed coping with the big challenges in the future of the legal services. This will be lived up to by setting up internships in the center itself but also by introducing students to the different startups attached to the center. Of course there is always room for new ideas and innovations.

Startups and existing businesses

The aim of the center is to stimulate entrepreneurship amongst jurists. Concretely this means the coaching of startups in ideas they have in legal tech for legal services or in the renewal of certain business models. Businesses in the legal sector can make good use of the input of our employees by means of thinking power, collaborations and/or internships. With our expertise on the entrepreneurial side of legal services we accompany startups but also help the existing businesses with the introduction of certain innovations.

Law and notarial firms

The way we see it is that the current business models of law and notary firms are under a lot of pressure. Important parts of legal services will be replaced by technology. We provide tools for these firms so that they can ensure their place within the big developments in the sector. New ways of making money, new strategies, marketing and market research have part in this. And of course legal tech.


Are you interested in the future of the legal services and legal tech? Contact us through entrepreneurship@law.leidenuniv.nl