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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The entrepreneurship and innovation center is focused on stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in the legal sector. It bridges the gap between study and practice.

The industry of legal services is facing big challenges due to the rise of technological developments and especially the “Legal tech”. Legal tech refers to the use of technology and software to provide legal services like cloud computing and the use of big data. It traditionally referred to the application of technology and software to help law firms with practice management and efficient document storage.  Nowadays, the legal tech market has developed itself into a market where it is totally disrupting the legal industry. This is happening through the offering of online services where there is no need for lawyers nor notaries. As examples can be given the draft of a labour agreement online or the creation of a cookie disclaimer online. Or through the use of big data to develop knowledge about the future demand for new legal services.

Legal entrepreneurship and innovation pre-eminently come together in legal tech. Leiden Law School works on this in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, linked to the Department of Business Studies. With a link to silicon valley tech, we apply the  brand name of Leiden Law Valley.