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Quincy Promes arrested in Dubai: will he be extradited to the Netherlands?

Quincy Promes has been arrested in Dubai at the request of the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service. The Dutch judicial authorities now want Dubai to extradite Promes. But how does that work? Professor Jannemieke Ouwerkerk explains on ‘RTL Nieuws’.

Promes has been given a 8.5-year prison sentence in the Netherlands for drug trafficking and stabbing his cousin. However, this sentence will only take effect once Promes has been extradited from Dubai to the Netherlands. Jannemieke Ouwerkerk, Professor of European Criminal Law, explains on Dutch news service RTL Nieuws that the Netherlands has a treaty with the United Arab Emirates on this matter. ‘That treaty sets out the agreed rules. So, in theory, any extradition requests are meant to be complied with.’

But could Dubai decide not to comply with the treaty? ‘Actually, no,’ Professor Ouwerkerk explains. ‘That only happens in exceptional cases, for example if it’s a politically sensitive offence or an offence that isn’t punishable. Once countries decide to enter into an extradition relationship, they have to be prepared to cooperate with each other.’

The treaty does not specify how quickly extradition has to be arranged. Professor Ouwerkerk continues, ‘The treaty only stipulates that a decision needs to be made quickly – no agreements have been made on the permitted length of this kind of procedure.’

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