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Papyrological Institute


The Leiden Papyrological Institute offers several courses in papyrology, from beginners' to advanced level, BA as well as MA. The courses are taught by Dr. Koen Donker van Heel (Demotic and Abnormal Hieratic papyrology) and Dr. Cisca Hoogendijk (Greek papyrology).

Most of the courses in papyrology can be taught in English. If in doubt, contact the teacher.

A Master in Papyrology?

There is no official Master of Papyrology in Leiden. It is, however, possible to choose from the papyrology MA courses in the list below within the Master 'Classics and Ancient Civilisations' or 'Classics and Ancient Civilisations (research)'. In combination with various other courses to be chosen either within the track Classics or within the track Egyptology one can obtain a thorough training in Greek, Demotic, Hieratic, Aramaic, Coptic and/or Arabic papyrology. Please consult your study-advisor and the prospective teachers. 

Papyrology courses in the Leiden Papyrological Institute

A detailed description of each course can be found in the e-Prospectus.

Dr. F.A.J. (Cisca) Hoogendijk:

  • Paleografie van de Griekse papyri I voor beginners [BA 2-3, 5 EC] 
  •  Onderwerpen uit de Griekse papyrologie (teksten in vertaling) [BA 2-3,5 EC]  

Dr. Koen Donker van Heel:

  • Ancient Egyptian Law [(Res)MA, 5 EC] 
  • Abnormal Hieratic Papyrology I [(Res)MA, 10 EC] 
  • Demotic Papyrology I [(Res)MA, 10 EC] 

Dr. F.A.J. (Cisca) Hoogendijk:

  • Inleiding tot de Griekse Papyrologie [BA 1-2, 5 EC]  
  • Seminar Palaeography of the Greek Papyri (advanced) and Edition Techniques  [BA 3, 5 EC] 
  • Seminar Palaeography of the Greek Papyri (advanced) and Edition Techniques [(Res)MA, 5 EC]  
  • Greek Papyrology [(Res)MA, 10 EC] 
  • In 2019/2020 only: Seminar ‘Egypt in Late Antiquity’, jointly taught with

Prof. dr. L. de Ligt [(Res)MA, 10 EC] 

Dr. Koen Donker van Heel:

  • Demotic Papyrology II [(Res)MA, 10 EC] 
  • Demotic Papyrology III  [Res)MA, 5 EC] 
  • Abnormal Hieratic Papyrology II [Res)MA, no EC's] 
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