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Papyrological Institute


The library of the Papyrological Institute is the most complete facility for papyrological studies in the Netherlands.


The library of the Papyrologisch Instituut is housed in the Study Area, Entrace 6 on the first floor of the North Hall, where it may be accessed by students during opening hours of the University Library. All papyrological book publications can be located through the e-catalogue. The text editions and main corpora are found on the shelves in alphabetical order, for which see the online Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic, and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets. The new codes all start with PAPY.

Books and Journals

The library of the Papyrologisch Instituut is the most complete facility for papyrological studies in the Netherlands, perhaps even in the Benelux. It includes a (nearly) complete collection of Greek and Demotic texts, the main papyrological journals and a complete set of manuals and dictionaries, as well as the main monographs dealing with Papyrology.

Offprints and photographs

The collection of the Papyrologisch Instituut also comprises offprints of papyrological articles from non-papyrological publications such as Festschrifte and other commemorative publications, which are accessible through a card index. This collection is slowly being digitalized. 
The photographic archive contains black and white photographs and microfiches of a large number of published and unpublished papyri. To consult this archive please contact the staff of the Papyrologisch Instituut.


An ever increasing amount of information on Papyrology is available in digital format, for which see these links

Many publications by Leiden papyrologists K.A. Worp and F.A.J. Hoogendijk may be found online through the Open Access system of the University Library.

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