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Theoretical Linguistics

Computational linguistics

Computational linguistics uses computational methods to help answer linguistics questions across a variety of topics.

Nowadays, computational tools have become essential for linguistic data collection, annotation and storage. At the same time, computational methods are becoming increasingly popular for linguistic data analysis. These methods are important for linguistic theory in general, but also for the understanding of human congnition, human society and history. 

What we do

At LUCL, computational models are used to explore language variation and change, as well as sociolinguistic dynamics. We rely on computational models to, for example, analyse social media but also to extract meaningful patterns from text corpora. 

Research topics include

  • language variation and change
  • dialectometry
  • lexical semantics
  • natural language processing
  • visualisation of linguistic data
  • geospatial analysis of linguistic data
  • text mining
  • social media data analysis
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