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Master Honours Classes

About us

The Master Honours Classes are part of Leiden’s honours education for master’s students, which is organised by the Honours Academy. The Honours Academy is responsible for the practical organisation of the Master Honours Classes, and the courses are coordinated on a supr-faculty basis.

In 2017, students expressed a wish for a broader, interdisciplinary programme in addition to the existing range of honours courses. In response to this suggestion, the university has revisited the way Honours Classes are organised for bachelor’s students, and the Master Honours Classes were offered for the first time in the 2018–2019 academic year.

Theory & practice

In these classes students gain greater understanding of the theory whilst also working with concrete case studies. For example, students on the course ‘Social Innovation in Action’ have examined the issue of poverty in Leiden, and the course ‘Circular Economy’ has looked at how businesses can make their product development processes more sustainable. This approach gives students the skills they need to apply academic theory to practical situations.

Testing ground

The education also functions as a testing ground: teachers have the independence to experiment with innovative teaching methods, and they are encouraged to incorporate the most cutting-edge findings from their field into the programme. As the Honours Academy also actively seeks out partners who are currently active in various areas of society, students also benefit from the opportunity to study in an innovative learning environment.

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