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Master Honours Classes


The Honours Academy offers master’s students ‘Master Honours Classes’ that particularly feature small group sizes and innovative teaching methods. The fact that Honours Classes are open to students from all faculties stimulates knowledge exchange and challenges students to think outside the box.

Master Honours Classes are high-level courses that centre around complex academic and social themes. Honours teachers aim to take an interdisciplinary approach, and students will frequently have the chance to benefit from collaborations with (international) guest lecturers. Students have opportunity to address innovative topics in small groups.

Every class includes students from different study programmes, which teaches the participants to view issues from a variety of different perspectives and to work together with people from outside their own discipline.

Honours education at master’s level

The Master Honours Classes are one element of the education offered by the Honours Academy, and can be taken alongside a regular master’s degree programme by students who are keen to take on an extra challenge.

The Master Honours Classes are taught in addition to the other honours education for graduate students: the Leiden Leadership Programme.

Selection and certificate

To maintain the small group sizes that are part o the ethos of the Master’s Honours Classes, the lecturers make a selection from the applications they receive. Because it is essential to build a group from diverse backgrounds to maintain the interdisciplinary character, this diversity is a key consideration during the selection procedure. Students write a letter of motivation to accompany their registration for a Master’s Honours Class, and of course teachers also consider applicants’ grades, to determine whether the student will be able to cope with the extra study load. 

Upon completion of the Master Honours Class, students receive an Honours Class certificate and the class is listed as an extra-curricular module on the diploma supplement that accompanies the regular master’s degree.

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