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Master Honours Classes


Registration for the Master Honours Classes is open to students who are registered on a master’s degree programme at Leiden University. Students can register for these classes each September. It is not possible to start the classes in February.

Selection criteria

The Master Honours Classes are open to motivated, high-achieving graduate students on all master’s degree programmes at Leiden University. The ideal group composition will be determined in consultation with the lecturers. During the selection procedure, the decision may be made to set a maximum participant percentage from a single degree programme to ensure that the group composition does not become too uniform.

Master Honours Classes share many of the features of the range of regular master’s degree teaching at Leiden University. Some important features are that:

  • the Master Honours Classes aim to take students’ innovative and investigative attitude to the next level;
  • the Master Honours Classes draw on students’ creativity and originality;
  • the Master Honours Classes are taught by excellent, highly-motivated teachers from Leiden University, supported by colleagues from other universities both within and outside the Netherlands and/or by people with practical experience working in their respective fields.

Registration and deadlines

Students can register for a Master Honours Class by filling in the online registration form on the student website and submitting two attachments, namely:

  • A letter of motivation;
  • A transcript of results from their bachelor’s degree programme (and any first-year master’s degree programme).

The deadline for registration is the end of September, and students will be informed in mid-October whether their application has been successful. The deadline dates will be published on the student website.

Selection and admission

Students are selected based on their motivation, grade average and study background. Students who have submitted applications will hear no later than mid-October whether they have been admitted to the Master Honours Class of their choice.

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