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Current Projects

Below you can find information about the research projects on public leadership of the public management research group at the Institute of Public Administration.

In the research project ‘Furthering public leadership’ the Leiden Leadership Centre collaborates with several public organisations in order to obtain academic insights on public leadership and to develop leadership in practice. This allows for evidence-based development of public leadership and direct application of academic research to leadership practice. As a result, this programme stimulates the mutual strengthening of science and practice.

Within this program Moniek Akerboom, Johan Jan Beukman and Lara van Osch are working on their PhD research. Continue reading about this project here.

The Leiden Leadership Centre collaborates with the research group on Population Health Governance (LUMC-Campus The Hague) on different research topics. This research group is part of the Interdisciplinary programme Population Health. Among the first joint research projects is a study on the impact of COVID-19 on health care organizations and inter-organizational collaboration. More information about this research project can be found here

How does the context of public leaders affect leadership? Instead of trying to explain organisational outcomes, the research project contributes to our understanding of how public leadership itself is shaped within the university sector. The studies will shed light on leaders’ perceptions of their context and role and on situation-sensitive leadership adaptation to develop theory. Read more about this research project here

The Office for the Senior Civil Service (in Dutch: Bureau Algemene Bestuursdienst) is renewing its vision on public leadership and the Leiden Leadership Centre is contributing as a scientific partner to the substantiation of this vision. Mark Frequin started his 'quest' for public leadership in 2019 and presented a ‘travelogue’ that maps out changes in the environment, organization, processes and culture within the central government.

In order to align the new vision with the needs and challenges in practice, and to substantiate it scientifically, the LLC collaborates as a scientific partner on the new vision on public leadership. In doing so, the LLC continues Mark Frequin's travel metaphor, proposing a compass to keep course as the journey progresses and the landscape changes. To this end, the LLC carries out a literature review and an empirical study.

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