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Leiden Leadership Centre

Events & Activities

The Leiden Leadership Centre brings academia and practice together by organising events on public leadership – such as Leiden Leadership Lunches, webinars, (international) conferences, and the Leiden Leadership Podcast.

In the overview below you can find the recurring eventseries of the Leiden Leadership Centre. Please have a look at our calendar for all upcoming events. For an overview of our past events you can check our news archive.

During Leiden Leadership Lunches, guest speakers reflect on relevant topical issues based on their research or professional experience followed by a round-table discussion.

The Leiden Leadership Centre participates in and organises (international) conferences.

The Podcast Team

The Leiden Leadership Centre regularly presents a new episode of the Leiden Leadership Podcast in which researchers and practitioners meet to discuss and reflect upon developments and challenges in daily practice. The Leiden Leadership podcast series touches upon ‘everything about public leadership’. In each episode interesting guests from both practice as well as academia share their views on one of the manifold hot topics in the field of public leadership.

Leiden Leadership Podcast Episode 5

Leadership and Purposive Working

Listen to the full episode here

In this episode of the Leiden Leadership Podcast we touch upon the concept of purpose driven organisations and the important role of purposive working in the context of public leadership. During this episode Rosanne Stotijn (SVB, the Social Insurance Bank) and Dr. Ben Kuipers share their insights and perceptions on the role of leadership in transforming organisations to become purpose driven

Leiden Leadership Podcast Episode 4

Leadership and the Power of Cooperation (Dutch)

Listen to the full episode here

In this fourth episode Johan Jan talks to José Manshanden (Director of the GGD Amsterdam, the Dutch municipal healthcare service) and Dr. Jelmer Schalk (BMC advisor and Assistant Professor at the LUMC Campus The Hague). Listen to the full episode (Dutch) on the topic of leadership and the power of cooperation in times of crisis.

Leiden Leadership Podcast Episode 3

Leadership in Sports (Dutch)

Listen to the full episode here

The third episode of the Leiden Leadership Podcast concerns a central societal subject: sports. What does providing leadership to a sports club involve and how do you foster active and engaged membership? Johan Jan talks about it with Jill Eekhart who is the chairwoman of a football club in Amsterdam.

Leiden Leadership Podcast Episode 2

Leadership and Working from Home: Enhancing Individuals in a Dynamic Work Context

Listen to the full episode here

This second episode is a compilation of a webinar in which Johan Jan speaks with Aukje Nauta, Professor by Special Appointment Enhancing Individuals in a Dynamic Work Context. Listen to the full episode (Dutch) on the topic of sustainable employability during COVID-19 and leadership in times where working from home becomes the norm.

Leiden Leadership Podcast Episode 1

Leadership in the Healthcare Domain

Listen to the full episode here

In the very first episode of the Leiden Leadership Podcast Johan Jan speaks with Dr. Eduard Schmidt on leadership in the domain of public health care. Particularly in the context of the pandemic, public health care has come under a great deal of pressure. Hospital workers face increasing burdens and are risking their lives while helping patients. But what is the specific role of leadership in this public health crisis?  

The Leiden Leadership Centre (LLC) now also has its own blog! In the Leiden Leadership Blog we provide insight into what it is that we do at the LLC and we demonstrate the societal relevance of public leadership. The blog is written by various members of the organisation.

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