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Peace, Justice and Development (Advanced LL.M.)

How are war and justice regulated in times of international turmoil? How can the international community develop effective governance mechanisms, including law, to better honour peace as a fundamental human right?

Why did Sabrina choose this Advanced Master's?

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What does this master's programme entail?

In the Public International Law programme, you will gain a thorough understanding of the legislation that governs international relations in an increasingly complex, interdependent global society.

The Peace, Justice and Development specialisation will cover a wide range of legal disciplines that affect international society, including:

  • criminal law
  • human rights law
  • peace and security law
  • dispute settlement
  • investment law
  • economic law
  • sustainable development law

You will be challenged to develop your own views on the role and functioning of public international law and particularly justice, peace and development.

Reasons to choose Peace, Justice and Development at Leiden University?

As a student of the Advanced Studies in Peace, Justice and Development programme, you will benefit from:

  • Change making in action: This programme allows you to better understand the complexities of war and peace in order to champion the rights of people who do not always have the means to fight for themselves.
  • Located in the Hague: The Hague is a hub of international legal institutions. That makes it the perfect place for internship and job opportunities with international organisations, international courts and tribunals, defence teams and NGOs, or in academic institutes.
  • Multidimensional scope: As the Peace, Justice and Development programme is a specialisation within the larger Public International Law programme, you will obtain the unique perspective of a specialised focus while still gaining a thorough understanding of Public International Law as a whole.

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Is Peace, Justice and Development the right programme for you?

This advanced specialisation in Peace, Justice and Development is a good fit for you if you have a sincere interest in the field and:

  • you are a qualified lawyer who would like to enhance your career prospects
  • you are an excellent student who has completed your legal studies in your home country with sufficient knowledge of Public International Law
  • you have professional experience in the field

Read more about the entry requirements for Peace, Justice and Development.

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