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Public Administration (MSc)

Career prospects

With a degree in Public Administration, you are well prepared for a career in the public sector, but also the private and non-profit sector. Opportunities include becoming a policymaker, policy advisor, (project) manager, consultant and lobbyist.

Denise van Vliet

Alumna Public Administration

Denise van Vliet

Working as a trainee at Vitens, the biggest drinking water compnay in The Netherlands, gave me a lot of great projects: I have had to manage an assignment as environmental manager in which I had to contact provines, municipalities, and nature organisations to cooperate on expanding an extraction location.

Acquired skills and Competences

After completing the programme, you will have a solid foundation in research and policymaking. You are able to analyse complex issues, approach them from multiple perspectives and tackle them with effective policy, services and leadership. Depending on your choice of specialisation, you will have developed a unique skills set tailored to a specific domain within public administration. The combination of being an academic policy researcher and a specialist in economic policy, (inter-)national governance or public management allows you to be employable in a wide variety of positions and still distinguish yourself on the labour market.


The programme prepares you for a career where policy and process meets strategy and leadership. You can respond to societal and organisational challenges, and develop and implement solutions in cross-sectoral and multilevel playing fields. This means that you can become anything from a policymaker in the (semi-)governmental institutions to consultant or lobbyist at the intersection of the public, private and/or non-profit sector – and more.

Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons

f you are a non-EU recent graduate of Leiden University, you can apply for a residence permit under the ‘orientation year highly educated persons’ scheme. This allows you to spend a period of up to twelve months in the Netherlands looking for and undertaking employment. During your orientation year, you have free access to the labour market and do not need a work permit. For more information, see the Holland Alumni website.


Alumni that have completed the programme end up in a wide variety of jobs and organisations. Although the majority of the alumni end up in the public sector, a significant part works in consultancy, financial, legal and other business services or pursue a PhD.

Did you know that:

•    the most popular positions that alumni hold are policy adviser, project manager and consultant?
•    60% of alumni found a job within 3 months after graduation and that it takes alumni approximately 5 months on average?
•    Almost nine out of ten alumni landed or expect to land a permanent contract within the year after graduation?

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