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Julius Njonguo

Alumni International and European Governance

Julius Njonguo

After comparing the program with that of other universities, I concluded that the Master in Leiden was more enriching. I learnt how governments and organizations function, about conflict resolution and public management, and also learnt how to apply them in practice. Now I am Civil Affairs Officer at the UN.

Why Leiden University?

I have always been interested in governments, International relations and Public Policy as well as International organizations and Good Governance. I was equally inspired by one of my senior brothers, himself an alumni of the Institute of Development Policy and Management, university of Antwerp. I wanted to pursue my masters in the same institution, unfortunately it wasn’t possible. I decided then to look for a Public Administration master in the Netherlands. After comparing the program with that of Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and Nijmegen University, I concluded that the Master in Leiden was more enriching, that is how I enrolled and eventually found myself in The Hague. I specialized in International Administration where I learnt how governments and organizations function, about conflict resolution, public management etc.  I did not only learn the concepts in theory but also how to apply them in practice.

The Hague

The Hague is a very beautiful city and is the seat of many governmental and inter-governmental organizations as well as international NGOs such as the International criminal court, the Dutch parliament and governmental bodies. During my days in The Hague my class was made up of about 42 students from all the six continents in the world, from about 12 countries. Graduates will be well equipped with skills on how to identify, design and implement policies and how governments and international organizations work. Not only that, they will equally learn how to resolve conflict between states. One of the courses I took was “Peacebuilding after Conflict’. What I learnt in that course and the skills acquired remains very vital in my current position where I have to deal with inter-community conflicts.

'The Harvard of The Netherlands'

Leiden University is the Harvard of the Netherlands, the Public Administration master has a broad scope and prepares students for a career in the Public and private sectors. In fact the courses I took greatly prepared me for a career with an international organization, I am currently a Civil Affairs Officer with the United Nations Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I strongly encourage anyone interested in this master to go in for it, especially if they are interested in a career in government, diplomacy, civil society and international organizations. The courses you take at the pre-master level and at the master itself are a good foundation to prepare you for a rich career.

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