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Physics - Faculty of Science - Leiden University

Research in Physics, Biological and Soft Matter Physics (MSc)

Programme structure

The programme offers you the ability to combine experimental research with theoretical courses. The programme helps you grow into an independent and skilled physicist.

Programme outline

The courses Quantum Information, Statistical Physics A, Academic and Professional Skills and Quantum Theory are compulsory, the other courses can be chosen from a wide spectrum of (mainly Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics) courses at Leiden University, and sometimes even at other universities or graduate schools.

The programme can to a high degree be tailored to individual needs and interests. But it should have a sufficient level and cohesion and the elective part requires approval of the Board of Examiners in advance.

The experimental part of this master programme comprises two experimental projects. One research project will be performed in a research group within the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION). The other research project can be done in a research group within or outside LION. Both research projects include a master’s thesis and an oral presentation.

For an up-to-date course overview, please visit the Prospectus.

The Physics master's programme offers you a lot of options to create your own programme. There is also the possibility to follow an internship abroad at another university or in a company or to follow courses at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.

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