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Physics - Faculty of Science - Leiden University

Research in Physics, Biological and Soft Matter Physics (MSc)

Career prospects

The Biological- and Soft-Matter Physics specialisation is an excellent preparation for pursuing a PhD degree in physics.

After graduation you are prepared to work in any professional environment of the life-sciences, and will be able to communicate en-par with professionals in that field. Your strength will be the quantitative and modelistic approach that we pursue in our research.

Acquired skills and competence

The goal of each programme is to train you as an independent researcher, and to develop the necessary skills and proficiency to advance your career. After graduating you will have excellent knowledge of fundamental Physics and highly developed curiosity-driven research skills. You will be a creative and independent scientist who is ready to continue in research. The research specialisations are an excellent stepping-stone for graduates with the ambition and aspiration to pursue a PhD degree.


After completing the Physics master's programme you will have a broad array of career prospects. All students with a Master of Science in Physics are admissible to a PhD programme. If you have the desire to apply your knowledge of Physics outside the university, there are ample job possibilities in high-tech industry, software and consultancy companies worldwide, or a career as a teacher, science communicator or science policy maker.

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