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Physics (MSc)


If you are keen on pursuing an MSc degree in Physics but you do not meet the admission requirements, a pre-MSc programme may be the right option.

A pre-MSc programme is designed to remedy deficiencies of a related BSc degree (HBO Technische Natuurkunde, an Engineering or other degrees that will have given you the basic knowledge and skills of at least the 1st year of the Leiden Physics program).

It consists of maximally 60EC,  is tailored to your background, and is agreed with the Study Advisor. It will cover and strengthen any missing topics from the required BSc Physics courses and may include a selection of Physics elective courses.

In order to be considered for a pre-MSc, you should apply for an MSc degree and explain in your cover (motivation) letter that you wish to be considered for admission to the MSc after completing a pre-MSc program. You should provide a comparison of your BSc degree curriculum with that of the mandatory courses of the Leiden Physics program. The Board of Admissions will evaluate your application and –if appropriate- will accord a pre-Master programme. Completion of the agreed programme within the agreed timespan will make you admissible to the MSc.

The programme will cover the topics described under Admission Requirements/ Other Diploma's

You can find the curriculum of the Physics BSc programme in our e-Prospectus


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