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Philosophical Perspectives on Politics and the Economy (MA)

Meet our staff

Dr. S. Bagatur

Sine Bagatur is an University Lecturer Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Economics. Her research lies at the intersection of philosophy and economics. I focus on the normative questions around markets, international trade and socio-economic rights. View her full profile here.

Dr. T. Fossen

Thomas Fossen is a University Lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy. His research is in political philosophy (or political theory), at the intersection with political science and philosophy of language. View his full profile here

Dr. J.D. London

Jonathan D. London is Associate Professor of Global Political Economy - Asia at the Leiden Institute of Area Studies. His research interests span the fields of comparative political economy, development studies, and the political economy of welfare and inequality. See more here.

Dr. B.J.E. Verbeek

Bruno Verbeek is a University Lecturer at the Institute for Philosophy. His research is all about the relations between (meta)ethics, political and legal theory, action theory and moral psychology with decision and game theory.  View his full profile here.

Dr. T.R. Wells

Thomas Wells is a lecturer at the institute for Philosophy. His research and teaching focuses on ethics and political philosophy, with a particular focus on global justice, business ethics, capitalism, and economics. View his full profile here.

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