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Linguistics (specialisation) (MA)

Computational Linguistics

In this theme you will be supplied with a firm background in the core of current computational linguistics and a solid comprehension of its neighboring fields.

The computational linguistics theme offers students who aspire to become Natural Language Processing (NLP) experts a solid background in various important sub-disciplines of this field. The theme offers 4 core courses and 6 electives. The core courses span the center field of computational linguistics, addressing corpus linguistics (5 EC), speech analysis and synthesis (5EC), machine learning-based NLP (10 EC), and a literature analysis course on deep learning-based approaches to NLP (10 EC). The 5 EC electives address text mining, machine translation, evolutionary algorithms, computational semantics, social network analysis and statistics in linguistics.

Theme coordinator: Stephan Raaijmakers

Detailed programme

For a detailed programma, see the online study guide.

Please note that the Prospectus shows a provisional programme and list of courses.

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