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European Politics and Society (MA)

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Dr. J. Augusteijn

Joost Augusteijn is a senior university lecturer at the Institute for History. His publications are Political Religion Beyond Totalitarianism and Region and State in 19th Century Europe. View his full profile here.

Dr. Matthew Broad

Matthew Broad is a Lecturer in the History of International Relations at Leiden. His research focuses on twentieth century international relations encompassing European integration, diplomacy and Anglo-Nordic relations. View his full profile here.

Dr. M.E.L. David

Dr Maxine David is a Lecturer in European Studies at Leiden University. She is a Foreign Policy analyst, specialising in Russian and EU foreign policy. She has co-edited and contributed to a number of special issues and edited collections on EU-Russia relations. Maxine also researches and has published on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. View her full profile here

Prof.dr. A.W.M. Gerrits

AndrĂ© Gerrits is Professor of International Studies and Global Politics at the Institute for History of the Faculty of Humanities. He teaches the subject Humanities-based International Relations. View his full profile here.

Dr. A.I. Richard

Alanna is a historian focusing on political, economic, cultural and intellectual links between ideas of European, imperial, regional and global construction and belonging from the late nineteenth century onward. View her full profile here.

Dr. Vera Scepanovic

Vera Scepanovic is a Lecturer in International Relations and European Studies at Leiden University. Her research focuses on the institutional implications of dependent development, and the role of the European Union as a development agent, both in its member states and in third countries. View her full profile here.

Dr. Vineet Thakur

Vineet Thakur is an assistant professor in International Relations at the Institute for History. His research interests are broadly in the politics of knowledge production from the Global South, especially within the discipline of International Relations. View his full profile here.

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