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Chemistry (MSc)

Career preparation

Leiden University offers several services related to career orientation and job search and application skills.

Career Orientation & Competence Reflection

During the two years of the MSc programme, a number of different activities are offered to help students with their career orientation. These activities include alumni events (e.g. lectures, speed-dating), workshops offered by the Career Service, self-assessment and self-reflection tasks, participation in excursions to companies and visits to career fairs such as the Science Career Event. All students take a self-assessment test at the beginning of their programme, write a self-reflection after their major research project and participate in the ‘CV and cover letter’ workshop at the end of their studies. In addition, during their studies, students attend at least six of the workshops offered or other activities that are organised by the programme, the study association CDL, the Career Service or other partners, within the limits specified by the programme. This career orientation component helps students understand what they are good at, what they consider important and what they would enjoy in their future jobs.

Science Career Service

Are you looking for career advice? Get in touch with our science career advisor. The Science Career Service supports students of the Science Faculty in their career orientation and making effective career decisions during their study. We offer services such as consultation hours, individual appointments with the career counselor and advice on your CV or motivation letter. 

Science Career Event

Whether you are actively looking forward to meet interesting employers, or even if you have no idea what you career will look like yet, the Science Career Event gives you a chance to speak with a large number of employers. Every year the Science Career Event is organized by students of the Faculty of Science.  During this event you can get your resume checked, participate in a workshop or speed date with a potential employer to discuss possibilities in the near future. The Science Career Event is the ideal day to orient yourself on career possibilities.

The Mentor Network

If you have questions about the job market, you can get in touch with Leiden alumni who are happy to offer their advice. On the Mentor Network platform you can view the profiles of around 650 alumni. Once you have found someone you would like to contact for advice, you can send him or her a request for assistance.

Science Communication & Society internship

During your SCS internship you will get a good idea of what the field of science communication looks like. We encourage our students to attend professional science communication conferences and events, to get to know the field even better and to build their professional network.

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