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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Studies (MSc)

About the programme

The BPS and Business Studies specialisation consists of 120 European Credit Transfer System (EC) points and includes a one-year BPS component (60 - 80 EC) and a business component in the second year (40 - 60 EC).

Programme overview

The curriculum of this master’s specialisation consists of a BPS component to be followed in the first year, and a Business Studies component in the second year:

Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences component (60 – 80 EC)

  • Introduction Course Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (6 EC)
  • Research project 1 (47 EC)
  • Lecture series 1 in BPS (4 EC)
  • Course Advanced academic skills and career orientation (3 EC)

Business Studies component (40-60 EC)

  • Management courses (15 EC)
  • Business Research Methods (5  EC)
  • Business Electives (< 20 EC)
  • Management Internship (20-40 EC)

Read more about the programme outline and courses

Educational methods

  • Colloquium
  • Lectures
  • Individual papers
  • Lab work
  • Presentations
  • Research
  • Projects
  • Seminars
  • Work group
  • Internships

Study guidance

Planning and designing your own study path provides you with essential skills for your future career. When you need advice, our dedicated study advisor for the master’s programme is the person to go to. The study advisor can provide professional help with the study programme and planning, but is also available for guidance in case of personal circumstances that may affect study progress.

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