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International Studies (BA)

Continuing your studies

If you want to continue in International Studies, the next step after obtaining your bachelor’s is a master’s degree (MA) at a Dutch or international university. And there may be no better place for your further master’s study than Leiden University!

Master's programmes

The Faculty of the Humanities offers a wide range of English-language master’s programmes, some of which are unique in the Netherlands. If you successfully complete your bachelor’s in International Studies, you are eligible to choose one of these programmes. Certain master’s programmes have additional admission requirements. These can be met by taking a specific minor in the third year of your International Studies programme. Leiden University offers two types of master’s programmes: One-year master’s and Broad master’s:

One year master’s

Examples of one-year master’s programmes that pair well with a BA in International Studies include:

Ugnė Mikalajūnaitė


Ugnė Mikalajūnaitė

"I am currently studying and working at the Yenching Academy of Peking University, where I do a master’s degree in China Studies. Leiden has lot of partnerships with international universities and organisations and they keep you informed about upcoming work or study opportunities. This is how I found out about my current master’s programme."

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