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International Studies (BA)

Student experience

What is it like to study International Studies in The Hague? Read what Francisco, student of International Studies, has to say about his experience.

Francisco Jose Lopez Velez


Francisco Jose Lopez Velez

‘So far I’ve truly enjoyed having the freedom to manage my own time.  The first year of International Studies has been very exciting for me. I took some fascinating and useful general courses, like sociolinguistics and macroeconomics. Acquiring presentation, writing and debating skills, combined with what you learn about the language, culture and history of your chosen region, is a strong aspect of the programme. This combination allows you to apply what you have learned, and that’s just in the first year! So far, there hasn’t been a dull moment because there’s so much going on. I joined the study association called BASIS, which is run by students for students. All in all, it’s easy to find a good balance between studying and socialising. The programme is taught in The Hague. The Hague is home to many International Organisations, which you can really feel in the city’s atmosphere. It is also good for making contacts and maybe finding an internship later on. The Hague is small enough to allow you to cycle everywhere, including the beach, which has a great nightlife! It’s easy to find a good balance between studying and socialising.’

Study in The Hague, home to many international organisations.

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