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International Studies (BA)

Student experience

What is it like to study International Studies in The Hague? Read what Leonor, student of International Studies, has to say about his experience.

Leonor Albuquerque Amaral


Leonor Albuquerque Amaral

"The experience as an International Studies student is truly unmatched for me. This programme allows you to truly explore different aspects of the world from an academic perspective, while encouraging you to question and re-think the way society is structured and how we experience it. The regional specialisation and elective credits makes it so that every student has the opportunity to turn a broad study into a personal experience. The setting of the International Studies programme, in The Hague, means that as students, we can enjoy a very international city, offering many cultural events, festivals and parks to explore with our friends. International Studies has also allowed me to feel like part of a community while being away from my country of origin, making The Hague my home, where I feel safe and welcome. I have found a healthy balance between studying and leisure, while finding myself motivated and eager to engage with topics I have approached in my studies during my free time, through reading, volunteering or just in conversations with my friends!"
Study in The Hague, home to many international organisations.

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