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English Language and Culture (BA)

Student life

Leiden is a winning combination of being small and fun, yet big in character as a student city. It’s also conveniently close to cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, which can all be reached by train in just 30 minutes.

Study associations

There are plenty of ways to socialise with your fellow students outside the classrooms.

The study association called Albion, for example, organises lectures, social drinks and study trips, as well as crash courses to help you study. They can be found on Instagram and on their website.

LET, meanwhile, is the name of the programme’s dramatic society. It’s open to anyone who enjoys being on the stage or helping out behind the scenes.

Then there’s The Angler, a magazine made for and by students and packed with relevant self-written articles and interviews, and with space for your own contributions too.

Tatum Meijer


Tatum Meijer

"I study a lot with fellow students at the faculty or the Library; for example, we prepare workgroups together. I enjoy living in Leiden: you can go everywhere by bike, and we have everything that a student needs for an amazing and interesting student life."

Nina Ramaswamy


Nina Ramaswamy

“I love the personal contact that comes within our programme. You get to know your fellow students well, later through the programme itself, but at first through the El Cid introduction week. I was with English-speaking students during El Cid and we are still in touch.”

Leiden student city

Leiden is a lively university city that’s brimming with history and with a ubiquitous student culture. Leiden University is renowned for its many student associations, organised around sports, music and social clubs, as well as cultural associations. These associations will also give you access to a sizeable network, which will be very useful if you’re looking for accommodation or if you want to make new friends. A compact and manageable city, it’s never more than a short bike ride from your accommodation to the University.

The Leiden experience

International student Anna made a video about her Leiden experience.

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