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Study association NNP

Nieuw Nederlands Peil (NNP) is the study association of the bachelor programme of Dutch Studies, the bachelor programme of Nederlandse taal en cultuur and the master programme of Neerlandistiek. However, you're also very welcome to join our association if you don’t follow any of these programmes. We have members from all different stages of their studies. This makes for a fun mix of ages and interests. NNP organises activities for her members to come together and socialise almost every week. Some recurring monthly activities are: game nights, our reading club meetings and 'borrels'. Some recurring annual activities are: a first year camp, a stage night and our study trip abroad. A couple times a year NNP also cooperates with other study associations to organize a party for their members. NNP also offers her members the opportunity to join one or multiple committees. Committees are a great opportunity to get to know other students and organize activities you'd like to see more of. Our committees are: De Hoogwater (our journal), De Leidse Leesclub (our reading club), NAP (our activities committee) and De Reiscie (our travel committee). If you don't feel like joining a committee, that's perfectly fine too. Just join the activities that sound fun to you from the agenda we share every month!

Want to find out more about NNP? Visit our website nnpagina.nl or follow us on Instagram @nnplaatjes! If you have any questions or if you want to become a member, you can send an email to nnpbestuur@gmail.com. If you have any questions about the committees specifically you can send an email to nnp.assessor@gmail.com. Emails can be send in English or Dutch.    

Laura Pereira

First year student

Laura Pereira

"Leiden is a great student city. There is a lot to do and there are many international students. There are some international student clubs that organise different events for international people that are studying abroad, I like to join their events. Besides that, I am also meeting a lot of Dutch people, it’s nice to speak Dutch with them. Yes, I really like it here in Leiden."

Liran Spiegel


Liran Spiegel

"I really like Leiden. It’s a really old city with the typical Dutch vibe. It’s kind of a small Amsterdam, not so busy and crowded, but still full of history."

Leiden student city

Leiden is a lively university city that’s brimming with history and with a ubiquitous student culture. Leiden University is renowned for its many student associations, organised around sports, music and social clubs, as well as cultural associations. These associations will also give you access to a sizeable network, which will be very useful if you’re looking for accommodation or if you want to make new friends. A compact and manageable city, it’s never more than a short bike ride from your accommodation to the University.

The Leiden experience

International student Anna made a video about her Leiden experience.

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