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Student support services

Perhaps you have questions about your studies or could use some extra help? Or maybe you’d like some support of a more personal nature? At Leiden University we have people and departments who are glad to help out in any and all of these areas.

Prior to arrival you can contact your International Programme Officer with any questions. After arrival, there are many Leiden University staff members ready to lend a hand:

Exchange coordinators

You can contact the Faculty/Departmental International Exchange Coordinators for matters regarding your academic programme.

International Student Adviser

If you have any questions or concerns that are not related to your academic programme, the International Student Adviser is there to help.  He/she is available during regular consultation hours in Leiden and the Hague to answer questions ranging from academic and financial concerns to all kinds of practical aspects about living in the Netherlands.

Student counsellor and student psychologist

Are personal circumstances leading to study problems? Or is studying itself causing you difficulties? The student psychologist or student counsellor will be pleased to meet with you to help you solve any problems you might have. They offer:

  • One-on-one consultations
  • Courses in study skills
  • Digital coaching

Studying with a disability

If a disability or functional impairment impedes your ability to study, the Fenestra Disability Centre can help. The centre’s experienced and expert staff can help you cope with your studies and complete them successfully. We recommend that students with a disability or functional impairment contact Fenestra before starting their studies.

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