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Student and sports associations

During your stay at Leiden University it's a great idea to join a student or sports association. It's the perfect way to get to know people quickly and build a network, whilst also being a whole lot of fun.

Student Associations for international student

At Leiden University you can also join student associations that are specifically for international students, for example: Erasmus Student Network Leiden and Leiden United. By organising and holding cultural, social and informative events, they ease international students’ integration into the environment in which they will be studying. Typically, they bridge the gap between Dutch students and students from outside the Netherlands.

Other types of student associations

In addition to those student associations specifically for international students, there are a number of other types of associations at Leiden University. Due to space limitations and the annual commitment that can be required, not all associations may be able to welcome exchange students as members. However if you are particularly interested in any of the options below, you can always contact them to see what the possibilities may be.


Most of the student organisation are based in Leiden although some may have chapters in The Hague.

Associations in The Hague

Students studying in The Hague may also be interested in one of the following study associations:

  • BASIS (International Studies) 
  • Fortuna (Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges) 
  • B.I.L. (Public Administration) 
  • SPIL (International Relations and Organisations)
  • IRSA (Master International Relations and Diplomacy)

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