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Help for students

Are you a student from Ukraine, Russia, or any other country and do you have questions about the war? Or are you looking for help or advice? Find out who you can turn to and what you can do to help yourself and others.

Mental well-being

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or dejected by the war in Ukraine? Or do you know someone who has been affected?

Leiden University’s student psychologists are on hand to help. If necessary, they can also refer you to a general practitioner.

The war in Ukraine can be a trigger for anxiety issues. You can contact trained professionals at Stiching MIND from Monday to Friday, 9:00 till 21:00.

Do you have friends who are from Ukraine or who have been traumatized by war or refugee situations? Offer a listening ear during these difficult times but please respect their boundaries in your conversations.

Study-related problems

Are your concerns about the war having an impact on your studies? Discuss this as soon as possible with your study adviser/coordinator. They can advise about exemptions or postponements.

Financial problems

Do you find yourself in financial distress as a result of the situation? Contact a student counsellor.

Feeling unsafe

Are you feeling unsafe due to the actions of others or discriminatory behavior? We would like to hear about it. Please inform the Diversity & Inclusion Office by sending a mail to: diversity@leidenuniv.nl.

The Diversity & Inclusion Office also offers training courses for students who are victims of xenophobia, as well as courses on how to create secure environments for others.

Someone to talk to

Student support groups
Are you worried about the war in Ukraine and would you like to talk about it? Sign up for the student support group Ukraine. For eight weeks, you’ll get together with the same group of students once a week to talk about the war in Ukraine, under the guidance of a student-trainer. Here you will be given the tools to help you deal better with the situation. On top of this, there are individual meetings during which you can talk to fellow students about Ukraine and other areas of conflict. Read more and sign up.

You can also find another student to talk to about the war in Ukraine via the student buddy service. Mention in the registration form why you are signing up and we will match you with a fellow student. 

Taking action as a student

  • In the Uni-Life app you can find out about events organised by other students concerning the war in Ukraine, or even post your own event. There is also a 'Support for Ukraine’ online community through which you can join a student Whatsapp group to talk about taking action. Download the Uni-Life app.
  • You can write a letter to the Russian embassy in the Netherlands to express your opinion on the current situation: Andries Bickerweg 2, 2517 JP Haag | Phone: +31(0) 70 346 8888 | Email: rusembassynl@mid.ru
  • You can also contact the Dutch government via:
    • Prime Minister: The Prime Minister | Ministry of General Affairs | PO Box 20001, 2500 EA The Hague
    • Telephone number of the House of Representatives: (070) 318 22 11
    • Twitter: @MinPres en @2eKamertweets.
  •  Ask your sports club to place a donation box or, for example, offer customers the option of  donating 50 cents to a good cause when paying.
  • Only share verified posts on social media to avoid misinformation.

Other questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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