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Would you like to do something for the victims of the war in Ukraine? Several actions have been set up to help the people in Ukraine. Read below what you can do.

Emergency fund for students from Ukraine and Russia

With the Russian invasion, life for the Ukrainian people changed overnight. Many lost loves ones, thousands fled and hope and dreams for the future went up in smoke. Ukrainian students abroad not only feel an overwhelming sense of powerlessness and grief, but are also suffering the consequences of the war in their home country in their day to day lives. 

We feel a responsibility towards all affected students, regardless of their origin or nationality. That is why students from Ukraine and Russia who study at Leiden University can count on support from the Leiden University Fund (LUF). We have set up an emergency fund to contribute to immediate support for students with problems related to finances, study progress and residency status. Together, let us take away the added worry, stress and uncertainty caused by these issues. Donate now!


People in Ukraine urgently need help, which is why Giro555 started the action 'Together in action for Ukraine'. With the money that is collected, food, shelter, medical care and clean drinking water will be provided for war victims. You can donate money via giro555.nl.

The Red Cross

The Red Cross has opened Giro5152 for humanitarian aid such as food, water and medical care. You can donate here.

Black Women for Black Lives

Do you directly want to help People of Color who are in need of help to flee Ukraine? Donations to Black Women for Black Lives directly helps this group of refugees and are also in need of e-volunteers.

Support journalists

Support journalists reporting the war, for example by donating money to UkraineWorld via Patreon.


Support Ukrainian refugees by donating money to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Science for Ukraine

#ScienceForUkraine is a community of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions from around the world. Their mission is to collect and disseminate information about support opportunities for students and researchers directly affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Visit their website to see how you can help

Call for opportunities for university students and academic staff from Ukraine

ScienceforUkraine circulates available study spots for university students and vacancies for academic staff from Ukraine on its website and via Twitter. We will add all openings to our growing database to systematise searches and enhance possibilities of collaboration.

Keep Them Warm

Keep Them Warm is the initiative of a group of Leiden students. Their main goal is to bring essential goods to the Polish-Ukrainian border, provide humanitarian aid and offer Ukrainian refugees transport back to the Netherlands where the Dutch Red Cross will arrange for a safe place to stay. With Keep Them Warm, say the students, they want, ‘to keep the people of Ukraine, and the news surrounding the war, warm.’ If you would like to help, see their website for more information.

Please fill out this online form to register available study spots and job openings within you institution/research group/project. If you have any questions, please contact Sasha Ivashchenko, Dutch coordinator of Science for Ukraine:

You can also DM Sasha on Twitter: @OleksandraIvas3.

Mentor network University of New Europe (UNE)

With the University of New Europe (UNE) we couple scholars and students at risk from Ukraine, as well as from Russia and Belarus, to experienced international scholars who can help with getting a good overview of shelter/sabbatical/fellowship options. We offer mentors and participants a list with relevant resources and links to help them get started. We ask potential mentors from all academic fields to sign up. To participate, you can contact universityofneweurope@protonmail.com.

On the UNE website, you will find a list of emergency resources for academics, students, and cultural workers at risk. The contact person for UNE at Leiden University is Dorine Schellens.

Many other initiatives are being organised for Ukraine. Information about more university actions will follow soon. Are you organising a university action yourself? Please let us now and send an email to nieuws@leidenuniv.nl.

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