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Innovative Approaches by Junior Archaeological Researchers

INTER-SECTION is a journal that provides a platform for research carried out by students of the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.
This initiative is the result of an interactive discussion raised during the two-day symposium ‘Archaeology in Transition’, celebrating the opening of the 'van Steenis Building' in September 2014. The group of internationally renowned speakers was interested to find out the reasons why only a few students publish one the research they perform during their studies, while there is increasingly expected more from recently graduated students. 
In discussing the potential reasons for this, students proclaimed insecurity on the relevance of their work to a broader archaeological field, as well as mere inexperience and unfamiliarity with the process of publication to be the source of their hesitance. The potential for a low-profile platform, aimed at the promotion and stimulation of the publication of undergraduate and graduate student research, became apparent. Whilst most students produce over 100,000 words during the first years of their academic career, the majority of this work is only read by a handful of people. Acknowledging the fact that these studies have huge potential by providing 'fresh' contributions to the field of archaeology, a group of 4 (former) Leiden students took the initiative to create a platform for publishing such work.  The result of this initiative is INTER-SECTION, an accessible and stimulating platform aimed to bridge the gap between schooling and research by promoting and facilitating the publication of innovative studies conducted by archaeologists at the brink of their scientific career.

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