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Lasse van den Dikkenberg

PhD candidate

L. van den Dikkenberg MA
+31 71 527 NNB

Lasse van den Dikkenberg is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Archaeology.

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Lasse van den Dikkenberg’s PhD research focusses on flint object biographies from the Dutch Vlaardingen Culture (3400-2500 BC). The study will deal with the variability of flint, potential sources of raw materials and associated networks. Furthermore, it examines choices related to manufacturing and use of flint objects, through micro-wear analyses. The research is part of the project Putting life into Late Neolithic houses: investigating domestic craft and subsistence activities through experiments and material analysis.

Curriculum vitae

In 2016 Lasse van den Dikkenberg graduated from a Bachelor of Arts Archaeology from Leiden University specialising the Archaeology of Late Prehistoric North-Western Europe, with a second specialisation in Zooarchaeology. His Bachelor thesis focussed on the re-use of prehistoric urnfields (1100-500 BC) in the southern Netherlands during the Middle- and Late Iron Age (500-12 BC) and the Roman period (12 BC-400 AD). In 2018 he graduated cum laude from Leiden University with his thesis focussing on the Middle-Iron Age (500-250 BC) funerary traditions in the Meuse-Demer-Scheldt area and Dutch and German riverine area.

PhD candidate

  • Faculteit Archeologie
  • Archaeological Sciences
  • Material Culture Studies

Work address

Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Room number C1.10




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